Example of portfolio

Portfolio of a model is a set of test shots that that allows to demonstrate the appearance and professionalism of the model, her ability to work in different images, plastics, ability to work with objects. The test set must include the following photographs: full-length, close-up and middle distance.

Depending on the goals and challenges posed by a model or a model manager, we offer different approaches to building a portfolio. For example, a portfolio focused on the European model agencies and European customers are closer to the style and features of fashion, a portfolio created for the Russian agency and Russian customers are conceptually closer to the glamour.

Cost of making a portfolio at Orange is 15 000 RUR.

The cost includes the following services:

  • work of fashion stylists and makeup artists to create one or two images (images to capture are based on clothing and accessories belonging to the model).
  • photographer's work for 2-3 hours (average of approximately 5 ready retouched photos per hour. The raw material is about 100 shots per hour. All the shot pictures (except for technical defects) are transferred to the model).
  • high-quality processing of 10-15 shots without excessive retouching (image selection is coordinated by the model).

Models who were successful at the interview in Orange Models management are offered to have basic portfolio photo shooting for free. Photos will be used in the future cooperation of our agency with the model and posted on the website. The model can buy any pictures from the shooting at full resolution. The cost of these photos (full-size file and print 20x30) is 1000 RUR per shot.

The following are examples of portfolio shots by specialists from Orange Models Management:

To discuss the question of making a portfolio please contact the manager of Orange by the phone +7 903 787 91 77 or e-mail us.

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