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Models for Expositions. “Turnkey” expositions

One of the main activities of Orange Models Management is expositions. We form our model base thoroughly. All models are educated. They speak foreign languages (including French and Italian). Professional knowledge of economics, medicine, and engineering allows them not just to be a decoration of the company's stand at the exposition. They can answer specific questions about the company and introduce a product or a service competently.

As a rule, expositional projects are realized in several stages:

  • Working-out the concept

    Our specialists will work out the concept of exposition together with the client or according to Creative Brief. They will analyze the goals and tasks of the project, describe the whole mechanism of interaction between staff and clients, and determine the functions of models in this mechanism.

  • Castings, staff training

    Selection of models for exposition usually includes photo-casting and interview. Orange trains the selected staff in terms of client’s products and services. The training is arranged in close collaboration with the client. It is aimed at models being capable of holding potential clients and partners near the stand with polite and qualified approach.

  • Consulting in promo-uniform design, promo-uniform fabrication

    Basing on the Creative Brief and Corporate Identity of the client, our specialists work out several designs of promo-uniform of different kinds. The selected design is refined and approved. The uniform for exposition is manufactured conforming to approved design.

  • Exposition maintaining

    The staff performance is coordinated by a project manager from Orange. In case of sick-leave of a model or other unforeseen circumstances, we guarantee to provide a substitute from the list of approved models. By convention, a professional photographer will carry out a reportage shooting and provide the customer with a detailed photo.

If necessary, we can get down to work at any stage or to render just one of the above-mentioned services. For example, we can only select models and ensure their attendance and effective work. Planning and realization of the project can be optimized for a specific budget and desires of the client. We preserve flexibility of approach and we are ready to yield to clients.

Defile models. “Turnkey” fashion shows

A unique service of the agency is a complete cycle of works on fashion shows arrangement.

  • Preliminary work

    A starting point of the project is a detailed Creative Brief (CB). Information within CB serves as a ground for concept. Basing on the project requirements, specialists from Orange choose the location and negotiate with the leaseholders. Where applicable, PR experts, sound producers, lighting specialists can be involved.

  • Casting

    Casting usually starts with preliminary selection of models by photos. After that, models are invited for interview and are tested if necessary (phototest and defile). We cooperate with experienced choreographers. For each project we involve specialists, whose bias and methods meet the peculiarities and requirements of the project. After final approval of models, clothes fitting and rehearsals are arranged under the direction of a choreographer.

  • Fashion show itself is the final and the most responsible stage of the project.

“Turnkey” photo shooting. “Turnkey” catalogue

Orange offers full cycle of works on arranging photo shootings and creating catalogues.

  • Preliminary work

    The work starts with assigning a coordinator of the project responsible for its realization at each stage. The coordinator together with a customer’s representative fills out a detailed brief of the project. Basing on the brief, specialists from Orange think over the concept of the session, work out the story. The location is chosen reasoning from to the concept and the story. At this stage, the budget is scheduled and approved..

  • Casting and photo session

    The next stage is model selection. If necessary, it is held in two stages: preliminary selection by photos and the personal casting for selected models. Under manager control the clothes are fitted. After that the whole team is formed. It includes professional models, photographers, stylists and make-up artists. The wide range of tight professional contacts allows us to select all specialists with regard to concrete tasks of the project. We know them well enough to estimate their bias, strong and week points. All information on project objectives will be conveyed to all members of workgroup and used effectively.

  • Selection and retouch of photos

    Upon completion of the photo shooting a qualified selection and professional photo retouching of photos take place. The selection of photographs is carried out by experts with experience in preparing editorials. Thus, as a result only those photos will be selected that precisely fulfill the tasks of the project. Retouching is usually done by photographers themselves. If necessary, retouchers of the highest class can be involved, including professionals, working with such magazines such as Playboy, Harper's Bazaar and other. The photos, provided to the client, meet all the requirements of magazines and companies occupied in outdoor/print advertising.

  • Design and make-up of the catalogue

    Our specialists will offer few solutions of catalogue design based on the corporate style. After design is approved, making-up starts (layout of each page is drafted and approved) and the prepress. Ready-to-print products are sent to printery.

Model portfolio creating

Photography portfolio is carried out by professional photographers with the participation of professional make-up artists. The photos are selected by the manager of the model, together with the model. We offer several schemes of portfolio making in relation to the goals, profile, and experience of the model. The main types of portfolios, created by our specialist, are the basic portfolio (tests) and the expanded portfolio. You can read more about portfolio making here.

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