Redesign of the website

20.09.11 00:54
Redesign of the website

Dear friends, colleagues and partners!

At the picture above developers from Elantum Studios make last changes and we are glad to introduce an updated and redesigned version of our website! This summer was not only the time for rest and travelling. We arrived at a decision to make major changes in visual and functional parts of the website and we have just implemented our ideas.

First of all, we think the new design better reflects our style and approach to life and work.

Secondly, we can now present more extensive portfolios of our models to our clients.

Thirdly, the navigation through the website became easier.

The fourth, we have a blog now, from where you can learn more about us, about our models and managers.

Fifthly and finally, it will be easier for us to keep in touch with everybody who is interested in our activities. That’s due to the ability to comment on blog entries from social networks.

Please write how do you like the new Orange?


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