Maria Krutik, about herself

19.09.11 23:19
Maria Krutik, about herself

Hello, everybody. My name is Maria Krutik.

I am a model and I work with probably the best model agency in Moscow – Orange Models Management. I am in this business since I was 18 years old. Over 5 years, I have learned the basics of the profession and managed to gain invaluable experience. Over the years I have developed a habit of making 100% efforts. I think I am a diligent worker and I always treat people with whom I work with respect. The basis of successful modeling career is the positive feedback from customers.

I graduated from the Faculty of Journalism in one of Moscow universities. That is why I am obsessed with writing from the early childhood. I am always happy to talk about literature: classical and modern, nativec and foreign. Writers whom I am willing to read and reread countless times are Bunin, Nabokov, Pasternak. Maybe because of my love for the classics, I am drawn to the ornate and beautiful speech. But, sometimes, in moments of emotional stress I can use depreciated vocabulary. :)

I'm fond of sports. Physical activities are an integral part of my life. Swimming, running, roller skating are my hobbies. Sports help me to train endurance, which is important in my work. My apartment is overwhelmed with barbells, dumbbells, mats for yoga, jars and bottles filled with all sorts of sports supplements. :)

It is a real pleasure for me to talk about sports, healthy eating and training.

That is enough about me and my hobbies. I hope I did not exhausted our readers with my story.

Maria Krutik

Maria Krutik

Maria Krutik

Maria Krutik

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