MYTHS: all models are handsome

07.11.14 18:48
MYTHS: all models are handsome
Model business has some specifics, and the beauty doesn't a necessary requirement here.

The proper appearance

The beauty is misty and subjective category. And the model business is not exclusion. The beauty in real life can be total unacceptable in the world of fashion gloss. Because model needs to advertise the product first of all, but not to swath. Maybe that's why not each even very handsome woman become a model.

The face of podium model must be tidy and neutral, for the stylist can create any image with – Keith Moss and Natalia Vodianova shows this best. That case the proper appearance looks very boring and monotonous.

The slim figure

Some years ago the stout ladies just can't dreamed about the model career. That world they were almost despised. But they were popular in real world. The parameters which every model had to fit are well known. But the time of skinnies are passing away. And 'plus size' models gain the audience in world podiums.

O tempora! O mores!

The fashion of beauty types changes like everything in this world. Some time ago at least three parameters were unchangeable: wide-set eyes, small nose and plump lips. But today world of fashion is shaking by revolutions. Angel faces and proper facial features are the past! You can type in web search the 'Ugly women' and wonder the huge number of non-standard but really successful workers of fashion.

The main highlight

It is some non-standard feature that can distinguish the model from the rest: very big eyes, high forehead, long neck. That feature doesn't make the model beautiful, but it make her unique. And the main thing here is the harmony.

The harmony

Ugly Models Agency in London is the most grotesque this field. It name tell the content: each model there is absolutely unique. The one of the agency employees says: 'One thing distinguishes our models – they are totally satisfied with themselves'. Self confidence is the most important.

The successful model except the appearance must have some personal qualities: emancipation, artistry, plasticity, charisma and other. The set of all of this is named beauty, isn't it.

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