Short time of the model

24.10.14 17:40
Short time of the model

'You are 25, or even 26? Just forget about model career, pensioner!' - the amateurs of modeling business say often.

Standards is very useful, of course, and it is nonsense to deny them, but does every model’s waist show '60' in ruler? Well, no. And what about the age?

It is curious, but the appearance, not the passport age is the most important for model. Youth, freshness, smartness - all of that in 21 century you can get and save, if you really want. Surely, you met a 20 years old girl, that looked ten years older then their chronological age, or 40 years old women, who cause envy of any young girl. If you are clever enough you can remain good-looking, gent and elegant in any age. Do you want proofs?

Here are examples of women, who are not young, but it doesn’t disturb their model career:

1. Natalia Vodianova - russian cinderella, model and philanthropist. Age 32. She started her model career when she was 15 years old, and according to stereotypes she had to retire in 5-7 years. But she still working, she is well-known and on podium. Very clever!

2. Kati Nesher - german model, was born in Russia. She aimed to he modeling business when she was young, but she was not success. The next attempt took place when she was 26, and the event unexpectedly went well. Now she is 29, and her business is going well!

3. And our refute example: The Orange Models. The model database has a smart and beautiful girls 25+ years old. And they are very popular and successful. It’s true.

The world practice demands 13-15 years old models. And what it means really? Unformed characters, souls and bodies. And half of those girls return home without success, but with large debts for apartment rent, portfolio and transportation.

The younger rivals in business and in life always will on heels. So, there is only your decision - will you keep yourself in a good fit, or give them way.

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