«I would like to thank you very much for the excellent cooperation and great support we've received from you and your team on occasion of MIPS 2010 exhibition last week in Moscow. It was a pleasure to work with your team!»
Michael Knoeckel,
Dedicated Micros General Manager (Europe, Russia, CIS)


«The pleasure was mine to work with your agency and specially with You and Dinara! I wish CPM show works the way you guys do: highly professionally and organized… I will definitely be happy to work with you again if we decide to work with Moscow in the future.»
Veronika Zhuravlyova,
Alberto Makali


«Thank you. I was very pleased with Sasha, very good English, smart and an excellent character».
Stelios Mitsides,
Mitsides Group


«Thanks also for your cooperation. Anastasia has been always very nice and useful, the communication was good and she has been a great company. I did a good choice :)».
Stefano Pandolfi, Sales Manger Belotti SpA


«I would like to take this opportunity to thank Orange Models for partnering with Kru Live on this campaign and for adding to the campaign’s global success in Russia»
Kate Eatenton,
Account Manager, Kru Live Staffing and Management Specialists, London


«I would like also to thank you for such professional service during the fair. Looking forward to working with you by other fair events organized in Moscow».
Paweł Tomkowiak,
Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie sp. z o.o.


«It was a very successful exhibition for us and a pleasure working with you. I hope we will have a chance to work together next year again.»
Barbora Salova,
Marketing Manager, OCTOPUS Newsroom Trading Ltd.


«I heard from my colleagues that they were satisfied about Maria's work. Good to hear she enjoyed working with us. I wasn't there but from what I've heard it was good».
Mark Versluis,
Manager PR & Product Development, Versdirect.nl

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