Ethic code

We intend to establish longterm partnership with market participants. Therefore, in our work we are guided by the following principles:

  1. Our work is aimed at developing business of our Client.
  2. We comply with rules and regulations, stipulated by the law of Russian Federation, as well as general standards of morality and ethics of our country and countries of our Clients.
  3. We build fair and open partnerships between Agency and Client or Models.
  4. We value all our clients equally and all their tasks are fulfilled in the same manner: professionaly and on time.
  5. We keep all information about the Client confident, in particular, the scale of advertising budgets, personal contacts of those who are responsible for taking decisions.
  6. We never cooperate with Clients and Models, whose activity does not fit to the framework of ethical standards, accepted in democratic society. Our models do not perform any other functions besides model functions.
  7. To ensure high quality of our services, we select models thoroughly enough. We cooperate only with responsible, disciplined, intelligent and honest models.
  8. We provide the Client with complete, accurate and qualitative information about Models. We never provide the Client with Models, if we have any doubts as for their professional skills, personal qualities and attitude towards work.
  9. We guarantee qualitative substitute for Models, in case primarily selected candidates cannot perform the job for some reason.
  10. By no means and circumstances we charge Models for being included in the agency database or for getting consultation.

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