The Orange Models Management team includes specialists with significant experience in advertising and HR. Our modeling agency is not merely occupied with preparation and assignment of models. We successfully realize complex projects of exhibitions, shows, photo shootings.

Our experience in the field of advertising allows us to determine the peculiarities, goals and tasks of each project objectively and professionally. Knowledge of HR helps us to select models for our database unmistakably. Each time we build a team that meets all specific requirements of a project. We have proven business relations with stylists, make-up artists, choreographers and other professionals. We examined their style and methods of work, their strengths and weaknesses. When necessary, we can find and offer the professionals of required qualification and bias.

We also have close connection with design companies, web-studios, printeries and independent specialists in related fields. We render a unique range of services, including the full circle of promotional materials creating. Promotional materials created by Orange meet all requirements of magazines and exterior advertising companies.

Our models have special skills and knowledge of negotiation, interpretation, promotion, etc. Each of them can be a good solution for representing your company at any exposition or presentation.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission:
confidence and placidity of our clients during the expositional and advertising projects.

Our Vision:
not only beautiful but also smart models, not only smart, but also fast managers.

Our Name:
has nothing to do with citruses :) We are a bright model agency, and orange is the brightest and the most sunny colour we know.

In selecting models for our base, in forming business connections and in making detailed workplans for any project, we always reason from the objective to provide our clients with working solutions to their tasks. We do always know what to do, and even if something goes wrong upon contingent reasons, we will have a backup plan.

Our Management:

Yuri Druchinin. Creative director

Yuri has Master’s Degrees in Mathematics and Art. He is engaged in advertising for more than 14 years, and he makes business of photography for more than 7 years. He owns a design studio.

As an art director, Yuri participated in the drafting of a glossy magazine about the life of the Russian business elite - D.N.K., he has been published in interior design magazines (Salon, AD). As a creative director, Yuri participated in various promo projects, including such brands as Michelin, Hyundai, Aeroflot: Russian Airlines, MTV Russia, Philip Morris (L&M and Philip Morris Filter Kings brands). As a life-style photographer, he worked for international networks Vera Hotels, Heliopark Hotels.

Yuri manages the working-out of concepts for expositions, creating and adapting advertising and promo materials. He performs general management and producing of photo shootings, including approval of photographers, make-up artists, and models.

Eugene Aleksandrova. Agent/producer

Eugene is a lawyer by education and a perfect entrepreneur. She has been occupied in staff selection for various Russian companies for 5 years. Such experience allows her to select models for database thoroughly and to recommend models, whose knowledge and skills suit the tasks of the project. She has been professionally concerned with booking in Russia and abroad for several years.

Eugene's duties include arranging castings, sessions, communicating with clients, models, photographers, fashion stylists, competent check of models for professional aptitude. Also Eugene keeps the contact database up to date.

Please do not feed Eugene with oranges, it is not her favourite fruit at all :) Orange Model Management has nothing to do with citruses, remember?

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